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Institutional investors will focus all investments on altcoins

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Investors go to altcoins
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The cryptocurrency market has slowed slightly in recent days, which has been reflected not only in declining volatility but also in declining trading volumes. What is surprising, however, is that the attention of institutional investors is fully focused on altcoins.

Institutional investors will focus on altcoins

What a new survey of the company showed Nickel Digital Asset Management? Until 32% The institutional investors they manage in their BTC portfolio will focus their investments in altcoins next year. BTC is simply no longer the absolute king in terms of usability and especially value. Investors are simply no longer worried about whether individual altcoins will continue their growing trend.

DeFi market capitalization


DeFi market capitalization. Source: CoinMarketCap

Portfolio diversification

As many as 45% of investors will choose altcoins next year due to the important diversification of investments.StormGain

CEO of the company Nickel Digital, Anatoly Crachilov believes that most altcoins, and especially from the DeFi sector, are growing faster than BTC alone.

“Many DeFi protocols have seen a significant increase in market value over the last year, with their price rising much faster than in the case of BTC. Most important, however, are their real-world usability and greater reprogramming potential than BTC. This, of course, is reflected in the dynamics of their prices. It is therefore no surprise that institutional investors are focusing on altcoins. “

Influence of investors on the market

If we again see investors pouring huge capital into individual projects, most altcoins will fly to new historical highs. It will be the exact scenario as in the beginning of this year, when BTC reached the limit $ 65,000.

This assumption can come true very quickly, although most analysts say we are still very far from altcoin season.

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