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Intend Bitcoin for at least 10 years, why BTC will continue to rise?

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Bitcoin on hodl
source: Mia Stendal

The phenomenon called BTC breaks records. While in 2017 almost everyone claimed that Bitcoin was a scam, now everything is completely different. Major changes began in 2019.

Why buy BTC?

The first large institutions (Grayscale and Bakkt) entered the cryptocurrencies. Gradually over the last 2 years, more than Elon Musk, or Microstrategy. Now it is appropriate to ask the question: Are we all we hold and believe in cryptocurrencies, fools, or does it really make sense to hold on and gradually watch us as the value of our investment grows from time to time?

Both answers may be correct. However, interest in BTC is growing every year, perhaps the time has changed and shifted compared to 2017. At the moment, speculation is beginning to emerge that the price of BTC may still skyrocket this decade. $ 1 million. And why not? Cryptocurrencies are experiencing a great boom. In particular, many people perceive them as an alternative to the current financial world, which is not completely set up and has no limits. Basically, several bankers around the world decide how much money to make and what monetary policy will be for the coming years.

Cryptocurrencies give us the freedom to buy something where we know that only we decide the future. Likewise, BTC and most altcoins have some rules that are fixed and cannot be changed practically every week like monetary policy and laws.

An example is the limited number of bitcoins per 21 million. After removing the last piece, no new coins will be created.

Why BTC will continue to rise?

There are several factors why the price should rise. Perhaps the most fundamental is that cryptocurrencies are changing the world as the Internet changed it in 2000. It came here as a revolutionary new currency that people like and many of them are starting to use. If this growing trend continues, even with a small investment, such a In 10 or 20 years, many of us can be real millionaires. Inflation is also helped by inflation in the dollar and the euro.

In the last 16 months alone, the price of the largest cryptocurrency has risen by 1,500%. However, we can still be only at the beginning…

Bitcoin comparison with the internet

BTC, comparison with the Internet, source:

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All content in this article is for informational purposes only and in no way serves as investment advice. Investing in cryptocurrencies, commodities and stocks is very risky and can lead to capital losses.

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