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Investment Banker: Bitcoin is an insurance against hurricane

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Investment Banker: Bitcoin is an insurance against hurricane

Travis Kling, an investment banker from the cryptocurrency investment company Ikigai Asset Management, described Bitcoin as “hurricane insurance.” It was a comparison to express that Bitcoin is a suitable safe haven against the fiscal policy of the United States of America and the European Union.


Travis Kling thinks a hurricane is hitting the US economy and will hit it with full force. According to his court, the hurricane is to “do much damage”. However, nothing is to be lost and damned. The last big slump offered insurance against disasters for only half the price, of course we are talking about cryptocurrencies, which after the last slump traded at half the price, which were a few weeks ago.


“You can still buy insurance against hurricanes. People panic and sell their insurance because they want cash. Now it costs only half of what a month ago. And yet the hurricane is getting closer and more real. ”


Kling identifies the current debt gap as “the largest monetary experiment in human history.” Exponentially increasing debt can cause a number of problems that can grow into geopolitical resource dragging. According to the investor, the deficit of the world economy is not sustainable.


The investor shares his views, while the cryptocurrency falls by tens of percent. The same optimism is maintained by Willy Woo.


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