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Investors in Bitcoin are scared and this is an opportunity

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Investors in Bitcoin are scared and this is an opportunity

Cryptocurrency investors are afraid to buy and sell. On the one hand there is the threat posed by the coronavirus crisis, on the other there is the fear of making a wrong decision – it is approaching halving.


With this thesis came in an extensive interview for BlockTV an investor from Wall Street Tone Vays.

The coronavirus crisis came very unexpectedly. The market has spilled extremely quickly into the highest levels of fear. This is a great opportunity for a well-known cryptocurrency investor.

Tone Vays admits that during the first days of the crisis he made several wrong decisions and, most importantly, misread the market. As we informed, he anticipated a fall below 3000 USD. In the end, he decided not to break the stick over the digital cryptocurrency king.

He said for BlockTV:

I believe this is a great situation for Bitcoin. However, what makes it a great opportunity is the fear of cryptocurrency itself. Even the big bulls are now retreating into the background. They are getting very, very, very nervous. He thinks along with the global economy, will go down Bitcoin.

Vays also said he believes in a correlation between stocks and cryptocurrencies. However, the fundaments and thinking of the major proponents are different. As a result, cryptocurrencies are becoming a community of people who think completely differently.

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