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Investors put Cardano first

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Cardano network enjoys great popularity. This is also the reason why investors prefer this project over BTC or Ethereum.

Cardano attracts investors

Cardano ecosystem attracts new investors in particular. According to a popular crypto trader, Alex Krüger, this is mainly due to a podcast led by the founder himself Charles Hoskinson.

We can say with certainty that this is a great way to present the project and especially the innovations that are planned. A very positive concept of a podcast tends to end with words “Ask me anything”. Fans can ask Hoskinson various interesting questions.

Updates and new projects

In terms of network development, Cardano probably has the most diligent developers. An upgrade was recently announced to improve decentralization, along with a reimplementation of the transaction confirmation mode. Despite constant work, the last days are difficult for the ecosystem. The average number of transactions decreased significantly, which was also reflected in the ADA tokens.

The future

According to the latest report of Grayscale Investments the Cardano network is one of the best in terms of fundamental trends.

Several very important partnerships were announced at the recent summit, which are a sign of a great future for the project. These are companies like COTI, ChainLink and others. It is these projects that will increase the rate of ADA adoption that can be a tough nut to crack for competition in the form of ETH, SOL, AVAX and others.

He also commented on the future of the project Director-General of the Cardano Foundation, Frederik Gregaard:

“Currently, the foundation is implementing several projects that are connected with COTI networks. Our new ecosystem partners cover a range of challenges and opportunities that are at the forefront of global society today, including climate change, NFT, DeFi and digital identity. These projects will play a key role in realizing our vision.”

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