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IP-Based Business Phone Systems Might Just Replace Desk Phones

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As more and more technologies are developed revolving around business phone systems, basic handheld phones are threatened to be abolished and replied with new IP phones. Big technology firms like Cisco and Microsoft are definitely banking to increase revenues on communication systems which have been accessible in the market for a long time.

Most of the big companies have changed their business phone systems to VOIP telephone systems. Some companies think that using this technology bridges telecommunications and IT. Some of the features like call recording and automatic call distribution help businesses to be more efficient. It also lets them have more mobile employees, make tracking their locations easy and reduce costs on maintaining landlines.

Expert says that choices for office communication tools-from your regular hand held phones up to internet based software’s like Skype-have come with challenges. The users’ attention tends to be divided, causing less productivity. Researchers have recently discovered that employees have the tendency to become less productive if they have access to a lot of devices.

Many businesses have upgraded because to new systems with more convenient features. Before, video conferencing was tedious to arrange; not only this, but the devices needed usually cost a lot. Only big businesses could have gotten access to these. But now, small businesses can have the same experience by just logging in-they don’t have to pay a huge sum for it too.

Converged communications is what we call this kind of service. This takes, IMs, emails, headsets and web conferencing together. With access as easy as a click of a mouse, you can communicate with each other in a way that’s never been more convenient. Microsoft Lync is a kind of software that offers this.

To keep communication revenues, some telcos have joined other service providers in offering infrastructure, like Internet access. For example, Safaricom has partnered with Cisco to make video and voice communication easier.

If you’re planning to get an IP based business phone system, there are a few things you should consider. Prices for the phone system would vary, depending on how many people need to use it, to the kind of hardware you by. You’ll need different tools, like headsets to take calls, a computer if you want to have video conference, and most importantly, an Internet connection.

Upgrading your business phone system can help you in many ways. However, just make sure that you choose system that is compatible to the needs of your company.

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