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It’s only a matter of time before ETH overtakes BTC

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ETH vs.  BTC
ETH vs. BTC. Source: Shutterstock, Pucs Fongabe

The cryptocurrency that will dominate the rankings in the coming years can really be debated. However, several experts have recently sided with Ethereum, which could overtake BTC. Your view of the duel ETH vs. BTC brought by the co-founder of Polygon.


Co-founder of Polygon Sandeep Nailwal thinks that it is only a matter of time before the force of ETH is fully realized, which will eventually replace BTC on 1st place ranking by market capitalization.

“Sooner or later, ETH will overtake BTC and become a global standard.”

According to Nailwal, the time for ETH is still approaching. After launching the new version ETH 2.0 the king of the DeFi sector will consolidate his position. Despite growing competition in the form of the Solana, Cardano and others protocol, according to Polygon co-founder, it is too early for us to talked about the end of ETH.

“The ETH network is simply out of reach of any other chain due to its foundations, security, level of decentralization, community and trust.”

Greater and more useful use is what ETH gets in front of BTC now. The largest cryptocurrency will have to significantly expand the field of application so that it is not just a tool for speculation in the long run.

“It may take up to 10 years, but the world of cryptocurrencies cannot work with multiple first-layer protocols.”

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