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JSE project ended due to covid-19. You can sell tokens!

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It was an interesting form of mining in the browser respectively. integrated mining in JAVA script pages. This project ended after three years, but allowed users to sell mined JSE Coins.

JSE project ended due to covid-19. You can sell tokens!

What was the JSE project?

It was unobtrusive mining directly in the browser respectively. on the user’s page. Depending on the number of visitors to the site, you were able to extract a certain amount of JSE Coins for yourself without any hardware load. Magazines and people who had blogs with huge traffic were the best. With this project, they could get thousands of JSE Coins in a few days.

The end for COVID-19?

On the official website came April 7, 2020 announcement that the project must unfortunately end. In the details of the announcement further write that they struggled with many obstacles they overcame, but the current financial situation for this project is liquidating. It caused an unstable market after the arrival of covid-19. In this way, to all users, developers, fans and especially miners they apologize for investing and trusting the project.

What to do with the coins mined?

Since this project is completely legitimate and is not a SCAM, it gives enough time for users to select all the coins collected from the JSE platform. The project will be officially closed on April 21, 2020, by which time all things will be done.

The tokens can still be sold on Latoken or IDEX. Interesting is the price of the JSE token, which copies the Ethereum´s graph, but at a much lower amount. The value of JSE Coin thus continues to rise as the price of ETH rises. We do not know how long the exchanges will operate with this token, but we recommend settling the sale of tokens as soon as possible.

There are many such projects in the world, some are doing more, some are doing less, some disappear from day to day without a trace, and some end in a serious way. It is a pity that this interesting project is at its end. I believe he will recover and come back stronger.

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