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Justin Sun leaves Tron and says protocol is now decentralized

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This Friday, Justin Sun announced that he is no longer CEO of Tron. In an open letter, published by the Tron Foundation, he highlighted that the blockchain protocol is now “essentially decentralized”.

Sun will step down from the position he has held since 2017, when he founded Tron, to join the government of Grenada, Switzerland, as the new full-time ambassador to the World Trade Organization.

Decentralized TRON

In the letter, Sun highlighted that since it was officially launched, TRON has gone through a process of achieving autonomous governance, which has now been achieved:

“Henceforth, I have no doubt that the TRON network is sufficiently self-sustaining as an autonomous decentralized organization (DAO). Having completed its historic mission of establishing a community DAO, the TRON Foundation decided to dissolve on July 25, 2021,” he said.

Justin Sun also highlighted the original three nodes of the TRON Foundation, “justinsuntron”, “BitTorrent” and “µTorrent”, officially withdrew this month.

Now, said Sun, the entire Tron network is managed by 27 community-hosted “super representatives”.

“Personally, as an ordinary member of the TRON protocol community, I will continue to support and encourage the development of TRON and its decentralized community,” said Sun.

Justin Sun Joins Government of Grenada

Also in the letter, Sun projected the future of the industry from the innovations promoted by the blockchain. As he highlighted, technology will surpass large companies and become the enabler of a decentralized financial infrastructure for all.

Finally, Sun highlighted that the next milestone for the industry is to establish a more harmonized relationship with international regulatory jurisdictions. Therefore, he accepted the post of ambassador to Grenada:

“It’s time to establish closer collaboration between the blockchain industry and international sovereign states. With that in mind, I recently accepted the invitation and appointment of the government of Grenada to officially serve as Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Grenada to the World Trade Organization in Geneva, Switzerland,” concluded Sun.

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