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Kanye West to Joe Rogan: ‘Bitcoiners Have Perspective on Liberation of Humanity’

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Rapper Kanye West has described the bitcoin community as being part of “the true liberation of America and humanity.” He made the comments while speaking to Joe Rogan on the Oct. 24 episode of The Joe Rogan Experience.

During his appearance on the podcast, Kanye repeatedly referenced his belief in evolving new business models and encouraging decentralization, eventually mentioning bitcoin as part of this vision. He also referenced his personal relationship with Coinbase co-founder Fred Ehrsam.

Comments About Bitcoin

The rapper-turned-billionaire entrepreneur, who is currently running as an independent against Joe Biden and Donald Trump in the U.S. presidential election, expressed his admiration for Steve Jobs, whom he described as a revolutionary. In the same vein, he praised bitcoiners for pursuing the liberation and advancement of humanity.

He stated:

“I was talking to my man Fred and my boy Anthony about crypto and bitcoin yesterday, just to be prepped for this conversation, and not about the specifics of alternate currencies. Jack Dorsey decentralized Twitter two months before it really hit because he was talking to the bitcoin guys and these are guys that really have a perspective about what the true liberation of American and humanity will be. The tech guys were able to use the new information highways and create the next frontier of our existence.”

Responding to a question from a Twitter user, Coinbase Co-Founder Fred Ehrsam later confirmed that he was the ‘Fred’ referenced by Kanye West.

Joe Rogan’s Crypto Love-In

Kanye’s comments make him the latest prominent personality to speak positively about cryptocurrency on an episode of the world’s most popular podcast. With a monthly audience reportedly topping 190 million downloads, The Joe Rogan Experience is not only a highly visible marketing platform but also potentially a genuine driver of adoption.

Rogan himself is a self-identified bitcoin advocate. He has repeatedly hosted several cryptocurrency advocates on the podcast over the past six years, including Andreas Antonopoulos, Jack Dorsey and Ben Goertzel. On an episode of the podcast featuring rapper Killer Mike in January 2019, Rogan famously opined that bitcoin “will become like dollar bills.”

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