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Play-to-earn Kart Racing League game partners with Harmony

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Miami-based game studio XYZZY has partnered with Harmony to bring their kart racing game to the Harmony blockchain.

This partnership aims to create a new governance token, new NFTs and a new model for the play-to-earn Kart Racing League game.

The NFT kart game is backed by Mark Cuban, the billionaire, entrepreneur, media mogul and Shark Tank personality.

In practice, Harmony will host the game on its platform. In addition, it will collaborate with XYZZY to produce a new governance token for the game.

“We are very excited to partner with a leading, community-focused blockchain like Harmony,” XYZZY spokesperson said.

XYZZY will work closely with the Harmony team to deploy smart contracts on Harmony.

Kart Racing League

The smart contracts will enable project tokens and NFTs, as well as integrate the Harmony One blockchain into XYZZY projects.

Harmony focuses on building low-cost blockchain infrastructure and a PoS consensus protocol.

Through this partnership, Kart Racing League joins Crypto Royale and DeFi Kingdom, both built on Harmony

Kart Racing League is the flagship title produced by Blue Monster Games (BMG), an NFT gaming company.

Evolving - Kart Racing League

The company has been expanding its infrastructure to generate more and more blockchain titles, as well as updating and improving its games.

Kart Racing League, meanwhile, is a play-to-earn NFT game in Mario Kart format that features 3D NFT characters. So when players win races and tournaments, they receive EOC and KRL, the game’s native cryptocurrencies.

The KRL token serves as the project’s governance token. Meanwhile, the EOC (Essence of Creation) is the token players receive. To play, players must own a 3D Racer NFT character.

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