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KleptoCapture will look for a crypto exchanges that avoids sanctions

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KleptoCapture task force, set up by the US Department of Justice, will identify the exchanges that avoids economic sanctions imposed on Russia.

KleptoCapture will monitor compliance with sanctions

Trading platforms found to be circumventing the restrictions will be charged with money laundering. In the United States, the crime faces up to 20 years in prison and a fine of twice as many illegal transactions.

The goal of our investigation will be financial institutions, banks, payment service providers and cryptocurrency exchanges, which deliberately do not use a reliable anti-money laundering mechanism and allow oligarchs to transfer assets, US Department of Justice officials said.

The KleptoCapture team includes prosecutors, news agencies, analysts, translators and employees of various government ministries. Their task is to monitor the movement of funds belonging to Russian people and legal entities that are on the sanctions list.

U.S. officials have noted that law enforcement agencies do not have the right to seize digital assets owned by citizens and companies subject to restrictions. The security forces will therefore be punished by intermediaries who help the Russians carry out transactions.

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