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Kraken postpones listing of $ SHIB | But meanwhile the whales accumulate

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Here we go again. Shib shows itself extremely perky on the market – with some surprises even at the level of shopping, with several whales of the world of ETH that they moved with important capitals just to buy $ SHIB.

All this while Kraken delayed the listing of $ SHIB – a situation that is in open conflict with what fans of the token expected – and that has had an effect on the price, which today is among the worst of the largest cryptocurrencies.

Great whales at work on Shib

One of the themes of the moment certainly concerns the movements on Shiba Inu Token by large whales, with wallets in the ecosystem ETH definitely important. The most striking case was the purchase by the wallet with the code name Gimli of others About 153 billion of tokens $ SHIB, for a total value of over 10 million dollars.

A purchase that makes this wallet – which we can check here – in the top 10 for holding from $ SHIB on the market, also taking into account the first position that is instead occupied by the account of burning. A surprise move, while many analysts say Shiba Token they have always understood very little and continue to insist on reaching a maximum price, which instead could still be far from occurring.

Kraken is working on the listing: but it will take some time

News that could appear negative on the spot, but that in reality allows us to have an additional investment window on Shiba Inu Token – given the drop in price of the last few hours, in countertrend on the market.

Kraken has not listed, as he actually promised, $ SHIB yesterday. Some of the technicians of the popular cryptocurrency exchange have privately communicated the presence of some technological delay, however confirming between the lines the fact that the token will arrive on the Kraken. Which was also confirmed by the tweet that we report above – which refers to the process of review that Kraken apply to all cryptocurrencies before listing.

There is no reason to believe, at least at this time, that Kraken Yes will pull back – it will be a matter of time, as we are used to seeing from the other past quotations of Shiba Token on other exchanges and intermediaries.

Complicated price situation – but volatility is in the order of things

Volatility always works in two directions. It is exciting when it is on the upside, because it allows you to collect important gains. On the contrary, it is very depressing when it allows a cryptocurrency to lose large shares within a few hours.

But we will have to – after the extraordinary performance of the last few days – try to look at the glass half full. If the whales they are buying (even for very important sums), something at least in common intentions will be destined to move. And with a small correction the possible short quotation on Kraken it could have even more interesting effects.

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All content in this article is for informational purposes only and in no way serves as investment advice. Investing in cryptocurrencies, commodities and stocks is very risky and can lead to capital losses.

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