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LG announces Tone Free FN7 adds ANC to its wire-free earbuds range

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LG announces Tone Free FN7 adds ANC to its wire-free earbuds range

LG has added a new pair of true wireless in-ears to its Tone Free lineup, and this one adds to the FN6 by adopting active noise cancelling. 

This new pair is called the FN7 or, to give it its full name, LG HBS-FN7 and – in essence – these are essentially the FN6 but with ANC added. 

That means you get silicone in-ear tips and an AirPods-esque design with a short shaft leading up to the bud itself that pokes out of your ear and hosts the antennae and external microphones. 

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What makes this range of in-ear buds unique is that the charging case they ship with is equipped with UV technology to help kill bacteria on the surface. 

Using ultraviolet light the “eliminating 99.9 per cent of E. coli and S. aureus bacteria” according to LG’s press release. 

LG’s Tone Free FN7 features three microphones on each earbud designed to monitor and pick up external sounds to cancel them with a corresponding frequency. Combined with the passive noise cancelling of the tips they ensure external noises don’t stop you from enjoying your music. 

The drivers are tuned by British audio company, Meridian, and designed to offer clean, balanced audio with the option to tune it to your liking using the LG Tone Free app for Android or iOS. 

With ANC enabled, you’ll get about five hours of listening time out of the case, with a further three full charges in the case. Without ANC you’ll get about seven hours, so depending on whether you have ANC or not you could get a total of up to 28 hours of music playing before you have to plug in the case to charge it. 

LG Tone Free FN7 is available to buy from the fourth quarter in North America, Europe and Asia. 

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