March 2, 2021


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Lighting News | Coronavirus & Conferences, Google trends

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Lighting News | Coronavirus & Conferences, Google trends

Coronavirus & Conferences


The rapidly spreading coronavirus also affects the organization of many crypto conferences. Bitcoin 2020, which was due to be held in San Francisco at the end of March, has been translated to the third quarter of this year. The DC Blockchain Summit 2020, which was scheduled for next week, has been moved to an unknown date.


Both conferences can be ranked among the most anticipated this year. Participate their little many leading speakers, developers and supporters of the BTC community.




IOTA founder David Sønstebø has promised to return the 8.52 million MIOTA, an estimated nearly $ 2 million lost as a result of a security vulnerability on the Trinity Wallet and subsequent hack to some of its users. The resources of the IOTA Foundation, which are behind the development of this project, will be used.


Google Trends and Bitcoin: Koronavirus + Bitcoin search has overtaken halving


We have recently written that the search for “Bitcoin halving” has reached a record high on Google compared to the period before the previous halving, which is a positive signal. However, over the past few days this trend has been ahead of Bitcoin searches related to coronavirus.


The phrase “Bitcoin koronavirus” achieves the highest search rates especially in Austria, Switzerland and Ireland. Singapore, Germany, Australia, and Canada are also producing significant traffic for the keyword, while the United States ranks 13th.

Lighting News | Coronavirus & Conferences, Google trends

You can see an increase in the search for “Bitcoin koronavirus” (red color) on the graph. Blue shows the growth trend of “Bitcoin halving”. As you can see on the graph, the current coronavirus and its connection with Bitcoin overcomes the topic of halving. More details.



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