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Lighting News | Tron,Libra,ETH and more

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Lighting News | Tron,Libra,ETH and more

The European Union does not know what to do with the Libra cryptocurrency


Governments around the world are exposed to the role of taking a clear stance on cryptocurrencies. It is not only decentralized, but also cryptocurrencies that central banks or specific companies want to issue. This category includes the Libra cryptocurrency, which is supported by Facebook and a consortium of other companies from different business sectors.


The European Commission has recently acknowledged that it does not yet know how to proceed to Libra because it cannot accurately determine its character and thus its relationship with existing EU legislation. However, Commission Vice-President Valdis Domobrovskis assured that they were ready to act quickly on the potential for using crypto currency technology for EU needs.


Bitcoin showed the 5th largest hourly price drop in history


Bitcoin can still surprise. Shortly after returning to the five-figure value, he showed a huge price drop from $ 10,200 to $ 9,200 yesterday. This “dump” happened in just a few minutes. According to CryptoSlate, this is historically the fifth largest price drop recorded in one hour.


The data suggests that Ethereum is becoming more distributed


Quite often cited by Coin Metrics, a cryptocurrency analysis company, published a new study on Ethereum. It concludes that the distribution of ETH tokens is expanding, which may be a positive basis for the growing interest in this cryptocurrency. It also highlighted other important technical indicators that seem positive for ETH

  • Hashrate rate increased and the difficulty of extraction increased by 3.6 resp. 3.7 percent
  • Distribution of Ethereum tokens is expanding, signaling the increasing interest of market participants in the asset. Ethereum tokens were originally distributed over crowdsale
  • Ethereum realized cap, also known as the average price of all holders of this asset, increased by almost 4 percent per week. The realized ceiling is a method that seeks to improve the classical market capitalization of a given cryptocurrency by applying a rebate on coins that may have been lost in the past. Put simply, the new tokens have a value equal to the market value, but the older ones that do not move, instead of the classical calculation (number of coins x price), have a value somewhat lower.


Bitcoin Gold


Almost half of all coins of cryptocurrency Bitcoin Gold are reported to be controlled by a single whale. An analysis of the author who wished to be anonymous indicated that it could be 38 to 48 percent of all existing BTGs.




There are other suspicions regarding the disproportionately centralization of the project in connection with the TRX cryptocurrency. Significant decisions within this network are made by the so-called super-representatives, 21 of whom are also rewarded for overseeing the creation of new blocks and network security. The latest vote, however, supported speculation that just two of them, Tron-Ace and Tron-Bet, are controlled by TRON founder Justin Sun.




Binance, the leading stock exchange, had technical overload problems that led to the possibility of trading being turned off for a few hours during yesterday. System maintenance was not planned in advance.



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