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Litecoin and Dash in bull run, has the cycle of altcoins started?

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Punctual as the proverbial Swiss watch, yet another BTC bull run also moves the waters of altcoins, or of Dash And Litecoin, of which lately, also thanks to the rise of emerging crypto, there is less and less talk.

Excellent results for both LTC that DASH – who now have a life of their own – except when part of the bull run ends up involving them. Double-digit growth and positive prospects, for excellent news coming from the world of real economy.

Dash and Litecoin: has the alt season arrived?

Until recently, before the rise of Cardano and of Solana, when we talked about alt season there was always a lot of reference to Dash as for Litecoin, protocols of great commercial diffusion which, however, have for several months lost that driving force typical of crypto projects.

The reality is that the so-called cycles from the cryptocurrencies, first divided between BTC And altcoin today they are divided into several subgroups, which separately include i meme token, the most emerging cryptocurrencies, those dedicated to NFT and to decentralized finance.

And last, but not least, the group of historical cryptocurrencies that were born at the time as light alternative to BTC and that they enjoy today commercial networks highly developed, autonomous and which are also capable of generating profits.

Binance adds mining pool for Litecoin

Great news for Litecoin it is also the one that comes from the exchange Binance, which in the morning signaled the start of its pool for the mining from LTC: attention therefore also on the part of a cryptocurrency exchange which is capable of triggering hype even on a project that now have a few years on their shoulders.

The pool it is already active and those with the right hardware will be able to participate immediately. There are no commissions for the first period of mining, which makes it even more convenient to use what is made available by Binance.

Classic altcoin season: what to expect?

The commercial strength of these projects is undoubted – and with the increase in the use of cryptocurrencies as a payment method – it will be even greater. This could lead to new ones, particularly in the medium and long term rises even for protocols that newcomers know little and badly.

AMC’s latest announcement about Shib, although not directly related to Litecoin And Dash – is a sign of what is about to happen in the world’s leading economy, with a cascade effect that will eventually overwhelm Europe as well. The cryptocurrencies they are here to stay, they are great as well payment method – and those like Dash And LTC, which have the best infrastructure in this regard, may enjoy the increases more than the others.

ETH Classic introduces its NFT collection “ETCPunks”

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