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Looking For Part Time Work? Create Your Own!

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I’ve come to believe if you’re looking for part time work, the best option is to create your own. If you leave it up to others to create work, there really aren’t many options out there. And the ones you may find don’t amount to much when it come to a wage.

So why not create your own part time work? I can’t help but feel there are tons of opportunities out there, if we just make them ourselves.

Painting- I’ve found carpenters generally don’t have the patience for painting. It’s a task I’ve seen subcontracted out on many occasions, which breeds opportunity for a motivated individual. Armed with a paint brush and a roller, the low startup cost involved in painting can be very appealing. When starting out, the key is to find those small jobs that many of the larger institutions don’t want to bother with and go from there!

Landscaping- There’s a lot of potential work when it comes to our yards. Seasonal clean-ups, lawn care, planting and weeding can be a way to earn a little extra income. Even during the winter, one could offer services like snow clearing or even home winterization.

Cleaning service- For those who are concerned about maintaining a particular schedule, a cleaning service targeted to the right market can be an excellent option. Those who only wish to work a few hours a day while the kids are at school may find success in residential cleaning. For those who are looking for a couple hours in the evening may do best with a commercial cleaning service.

Play music- Playing an instrument can be a great way to earn some cash while doing something that you really enjoy. Playing in a band is fun, but remember, you split your earnings for the night and you’re at the mercy of the band. Weather you play individually or with others, playing music can be a great way to earn at least a few hundred dollars a month.

Start a website- This is, by far, my favorite. You can share things you enjoy, work on it any time you please and you don’t have to go anywhere to do it. It’s a skill that can be learned at your own pace and you can eventually share your knowledge locally, for a price. Certain hazards are inherent when you work online from home, but learn some simple scheduling techniques and stay persistent, and creating a website may just be the most fun you can have “working”.

Be creative!- There really are countless options when it comes to earning a few extra dollars. Offer a holiday decoration removal service or sell seedlings in the springtime. Start a home sitting or pet sitting service. If you really look, there’s often a chance to monetize on even the simplest of things.

So when you’re looking for part time work, remember that everyone has a skill that someone is willing to pay for. It just comes down to finding that skill and effectively marketing it to the right audience.

Some services may require licensing or involve other forms of regulation. Perform due diligence and use common sense!

Thanks for reading!

Scott Dziadul

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