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Many facts suggest that BTC creator Satoshi Nakamoto will never return

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The creator of BTC has always been the most famous and mysterious figure of the community. About ten years ago, Satoshi fell silent, never returned, and it is very likely that the inventor will never return.

Satoshi Nakamoto will probably never return

Satoshi Nakamoto created a BTC network and released white paper this technology on Halloween (October 31) 2008. The author was “Satoshi Nakamoto” via email “” and the creator also added the web domain name “”.

Many facts suggest that Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto will never return

The name “Satoshi Nakamoto” is of Japanese origin and is considered a pseudonym. Nakamoto’s birthday is believed to be April 5, 1975, because the date is displayed on his profile P2P Foundation. If the date of birth is correct, Nakamoto would be 46 today.

Over the years, a large number of detectives have set themselves the task of discovering the identity of the inventor. Satoshi Nakamoto is probably dead and there are many reasons why people think the creator of BTC is no longer with us. In the past, a number of websites have published a number of articles about possible “suspects” that people have claimed to be Satoshi and many who claim to be famous inventors.

The first thing we know, however, is that Satoshi Nakamoto left two messages before his final departure. The first was December 12, 2010, when the creator left a message to the community about “embarking on more complex ideas”. The December 12 post was about very serious matters and directly emphasized that “software is not resistant to DoS attacks at all.”

Nakamoto never returned to discuss anything else on the forum. A few years later, emails from Nakamoto appeared to Mike Hearn and Gavin Andresen in April 2011, when the pseudonymous creator of BTC said, “I’ve moved on to other things.” Since then, most of everything else has been about Satoshi and further communication not proven.

The fact is after these messages that Satoshi Nakamoto decided not to return, and it is very possible that the creator could not return for health reasons. In fact, some people are quite sure that Hal Finney was the most likely candidate for Satoshi Nakamoto. Finney had serious problems with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and died in August 2014. Interestingly, Finney also left PGP Corporation in 2011, the same year that Nakamoto sent his last e-mails to Andresen.

Finally, one of the biggest clues that Nakamoto is no longer with us – apart from the complete lack of communication after ten years – is the fact that the creator’s fortune remains unspent to this day. It is generally assumed that Nakamoto owns 1 million BTC. But more than $ 60 billion in coins have never seen the light of day, and there is a good chance that these coins will be gone forever if Satoshi Nakamoto dies.

However, there are not enough facts to prove that Satoshi is dead, just as there are not enough facts to prove that Satoshi is alive. Zero communication over the years and the fact that Satoshi never spent his BTC mined in the early days does not necessarily mean that Nakamoto is no longer with us.

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