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Market overview 16.3. | Bitcoin falls! Beware of Monday’s opening of world markets!

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Market overview 16.3. | Bitcoin falls! Beware of Monday's opening of world markets!

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Beware of Monday’s opening of world markets!


Crypto markets currently has a total market value of $ 143 billion. Since yesterday’s survey, we have seen a decline of 12 billion USD. We did not have such a slump in 2020. The decline from high in 2020 is $ 163 billion and bitcoin dominance is 64%.


The best growth yesterday was:

Yesterday we saw only one coin in plus – above 100%. He thus reached the TOP 100 capitalization.

Dragon Coins


Dragon Coins (DRG) $0,065493 USD (106,06 %)


The biggest drop was recorded:



Komodo (KMD) $0,265438 USD (-36,46%)




Ren (REN) $0,030079 USD (-27,18%)




IOTA (MIOTA) $0,111401 USD (-24,10%)


All datas are from


World markets yeterday

SP500: +9,29 %   NASDAQ: +10 %   DOW J.: +9,36 %   OIL: -9,12 %   GOLD: 0,42 %

DXY -1,26 %


[BTC / USD] In 2020 to present value: -31.88 %


Bitcoin didn’t keep us $ 5,200 yesterday. It has now fallen to $ 4,700 and in a downturn, after opening world markets, we will probably continue. The current loss is 6%. However, the loss for 2020, which is -31%, looks frightening. On Monday, we will be prevented from supporting $ 4000. World markets and their opening shuffles Bitcoin, where investors slowly sell. Values ​​are declining and may fall to US $ 4,000 with stock exchanges opening.


Market overview 16.3. | Bitcoin falls! Beware of Monday's opening of world markets!


Only good news from the US can save us, but after Donald Trump’s statements, where economic constraints begin, we see no room for great growth. Nor can we see Bitcoin growth in terms of new investments. Now people have different priorities than investing and that is food, drugstore, fear of losing their job, business, mortgage repayment, cars and so on.


If we are to expect significant growth on Bitcoin, it is after this crisis. But we can still see that, for example, in China, where is already the calmer situation with coronavirus, there is no new investment in BTC. It means either lack of interest in Bitcoin or the fact that investors think it will go even deeper.



Current prices

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