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Market overview 26.1. | BTC, XRP, LSK

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Market overview 26.1. | BTC, XRP, LSK


Ripple reported on new events that may decide on success in 2020. Lisk in steady growth, is it time to end? Bitcoin still didn’t decide to end the bears attack.


At the moment, the cryptomarket has a total market value of $ 230 billion, while a few days ago we were at $ 250.034 billion. So we see a slight decline compared to the top. The market is slowly returning to this year’s top. Bitcoin dominance rises to 66.1%.


The best growth yesterday was:




BlockStamp (BST) $1,10 USD (71,18%)


BST was followed by:




Bytecoin (BCN) $0,000316 USD (19,72%)





Vertcoin (VTC) $0,346170 USD (12,42%)



Hedera Hashgraph


Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) $0,012213 USD (11,48%)





ReddCoin (RDD) $0,000738 USD (10,36%)



The biggest loss yesterday was:


Nervos Network


Nervos Network (CKB) $0,006392 USD (-8,47%)





Golem (GNT) $0,035085 USD (-7,18%)





Siacoin (SC) $0,001454 USD (-4,28%)


All data are given from


BTC/USD | In 2020 to the present value + 17.2%

The day before yesterday Bitcoin ran into support at $ 8,200, its reflection up to just $ 8,450, where it hit the former support line (currently resistance line). Overall, at the top, Bitcoin still looks bearish, despite the strong support at $ 8,000 – $ 8,200. It is not yet a clear reflection, the graph is re-creating another descending triangle, which reaches 7 840 USD. Bitcoin lost only 1% yesterday.


Market overview 26.1. | BTC, XRP, LSK

But if we break the line of resistance (black and blue lines), we can be more positive about the new growth of Bitcoin. In other words, if Bitcoin wanted to create a new pump, it would already have created a growth of over $ 8,500. We are currently at $ 8,360 and the situation for bears is still open at $ 8,000. Support is strong here, but Bitcoin has to consolidate here to bounce up, or in the latter case it has to create a strong pump above $ 8,500.


XRP / USD | 2020 at present value + 15.68%


In the last quarter of 2019, XRPs worth “just” $ 13 million came on the market, compared to $ 66 million a quarter earlier. This is the lowest volume in three years.


Market overview 26.1. | BTC, XRP, LSK

Is this just a sign of pressure from investors who called for the sale of OTC exchanges to end? Can founders see the arrival of the bull market and with it the possibility of not selling XRP below value? When I look at the graph, it looks better than before and XRP is currently copying the evolution of the BTC graph. We see similar ups and downs. Can we look forward to the XRP finally going up in 2020? If they do not sell XRPs on OTC exchanges, there will certainly be less XRPs in circulation. XRPs are not mined, so new ones will not enter the market and if investors buy up and keep XRPs, their price may have a better boom than BTC currently has. This is my opinion on Ripple. Unfortunately in 2019 everyone disappointed and investors will be hard to find. But if it keeps its current trend, so XRP should further strengthen and maybe we will see a stronger pump. What do you think? Yesterday we saw a drop of 1.7%, it is not as critical as in recent days and the decline is slowing. We are currently at $ 0.219.


LSK / USD | In 2020 to the present value + 46.4%

LSK attracts to current growth. By the end of December 2019 it is already 80%. Currently, we have only 73% of the current value. The reason we chose for today’s LSK survey is the constant growth we see in the chart. Yesterday added at 5%. The closest resistance is at $ 1.04. We see support at $ 0.599. Will LSK continue to grow?


Market overview 26.1. | BTC, XRP, LSK


Thank you for taking the time to analyze and review the market today.

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