May 16, 2021


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Market overview 29.1. | BTC, ADA, XMR, IOTA

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Market overview 29.1. | BTC, ADA, XMR, IOTA

Bitcoin again at $ 9,000. Let’s look at today’s overview of IOTA, Monero and Cardano. Cardano has a new partner and grows like mushrooms after the rain.


At the moment, the cryptomarket has a total market value of $ 248.5 billion, while 4 days ago we were at $ 230 billion. The market is slowly returning to this year’s top 250 billion USD. Bitcoin dominance: 66.1%. Altcoins are also growing and old powerful pumps have appeared. Bitcoin reached $ 9,000.


The best growth yesterday was:



KickToken (KICK) $0,000073 USD (32,05%)

KICK was followed by TOP 5 :




IOTA (MIOTA) $0,285313 USD (13,87%)





Quant (QNT) $4,53 USD (11,94%)



iExec RLC


iExec RLC (RLC) $0,565620 USD (10,93%)





Nexo (NEXO) $0,125964 USD (8,73%)





Cardano (ADA) $0,051986 USD (8,45%)


The biggest loss yesterday was:

Yesterday, the market recorded the vast majority of appreciation after Bitcoin showed a nice up. However, some coins were found that did not respond to this growth.




Centrality (CENNZ) $0,072392 USD (-14,68%)



Bitcoin SV


Bitcoin SV (BSV) $284,85 USD (-7,83%)



Bitcoin Gold


Bitcoin Gold (BTG) $11,47 USD (-6,63%)


[BTC / USD] in 2020 to the current value + 23.21%

Bitcoin reached $ 9,000 yesterday, and for the second time in a year we tested this resistance. It is still not decided whether to break it or go to the closest support to 8 780 USD. Yesterday we are seeing a 2% increase in value.


Market overview 29.1. | BTC, ADA, XMR, IOTA


[IOTA / USD] in 2020 to the current value + 81%

In 2020, IOTA has already added 81% to its current value and is currently at a strong 2-month resistance at $ 0.287. Yesterday it added up to 13.87%, which makes this cryptocurrency the second best coin in growth. We see the closest strong support at $ 0.21.


Market overview 29.1. | BTC, ADA, XMR, IOTA


[ADA / USD] In 2020 to the present value + 61.89%

Cardana’s latest partnership with PwC is accompanied by a sharp rise in the price of ADA coins. Cardano scored approximately 8.45% in 24 hours. Cardano is really going, in February 2020 it should be on hardfork, and this month is the second partnership. We’ve added 30% growth since the announcement of hardfork. Overall, by 2020, ADA is already up by 61.89% to its present value. Currently we see support at $ 0.046, resistance at $ 0.053 and then $ 0.061.


Market overview 29.1. | BTC, ADA, XMR, IOTA


[XMR / USD] In 2020 to the present value of + 49.16%

Monero is currently at $ 66 for 2020. It has risen by almost 50% to its present value. For yesterday it scored 1.2%, but the formation it creates on the chart, calls strongly for bullish. The closest resistance we see at 70 USD. We see the closest support at $ 59.5 and the support line at $ 62.2.


Market overview 29.1. | BTC, ADA, XMR, IOTA


Thank you for taking the time to analyze and review the market today.

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