March 1, 2021


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Market overview 6.2. | [BTC] Bitcoin BOOOM, added $ 500 [BCH] New high 2020 + 13.5% [UUU] + 26%

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Market overview 6.2. |  [BTC] Bitcoin BOOOM, added $ 500 [BCH] New high 2020 + 13.5% [UUU] + 26%

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Today we look at BTC, BCH and UUU. Bitcoin strengthened by more than 5% yesterday and added 520 USD. Bitcoin Cash reached a new high in 2020, with a 111% increase in value. The UUU network is a cryptocurrency that can surprise you.


At present, the crypt market has a total market value of USD 271.4 billion. So yesterday we set a new high for 2020. Yesterday Bitcoin added up to 5% on growth and it sent almost the whole market to green numbers. The total market this year grew by 41.88% to top values. BTC dominance declines to 64.8%.


The best growth yesterday was:

Hedera Hashgraph


Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) $0,022609 USD (32,68%)


HBAR was followed by :



KickToken (KICK) $0,000134 USD (17,79%)


Bitcoin Cash


Bitcoin Cash (BCH) $430,15 USD (13,50%)




NEM (XEM) $0,054579 USD (13,39%)




Zcash (ZEC) $71,38 USD (11,41%)




Lisk (LSK) $1,33 USD (10,52%)

The biggest loss from the top 100 Market Cap yesterday was:



Aion (AION) $0,123793 USD (-13,61%)




ICON (ICX) $0,437876 USD (-12,68%)


All datas are from


[BTC / USD] In 2020 to present value: 36.04%


Right rodeo today launched a Bitcoin pump up 5.14%. Overall, only today added $ 520 in value. In 2020, the value of Bitcoin increased by 36.04%. The most important thing yesterday was to break the resistance at $ 9,550, which we managed to do. The area of ​​former resistance will turn into support and will be really strong if we test it more than once. If the bulls are strong, this breakthrough of resistance leads to $ 10,300, where we see the closest resistance.


Market overview 6.2. |  [BTC] Bitcoin BOOOM, added $ 500 [BCH] New high 2020 + 13.5% [UUU] + 26%


[BCH / USD] In 2020 to present value: 111.97%


Bitcoin Cash yesterday in the top 4 best coins of the top 100 capitalization. We broke the last high to $ 400. We got through this resistance pretty nicely and got up to 432 USD. The last time we saw the triangle on the graph was a strong support. Triangl resulted even today with BTC up. Overall, in 2020 we have up to 111% pump. First, he used the BCH FOMO at Bitcoin SV which also created an unreal pump after C. Wright claimed he had several million BTCs and eventually turned out to have no. Subsequently, BCH used the FOMO for mining taxes, but none of it was finally. A successful year for BCH, which has used not only the bull run since the beginning of the year, but also multiple FOMOs around its coin and the result is this 111% growth. Just yesterday added 13.41%.


Market overview 6.2. |  [BTC] Bitcoin BOOOM, added $ 500 [BCH] New high 2020 + 13.5% [UUU] + 26%


U Network (UUU) In 2020 to present value: 101.34%


UUU is a decentralized network for storing content, notarial, distribution, publishing, etc. It allows users to convert their own digital content into assets in the U Network ecosystem. The goal is to create a financial market for content, which will redistribute and optimize value in the token economy. Yesterday the UUU grew by 17.08%, but quite recently the last days quite popular. Of course, it is a deep-built coin within the framework of capitalization. It is located in 490 places with a total capitalization of 4.3 million USD. For such a small capitalization, but a relatively high daily volume of up to 430,000 USD, which would mean 47 BTC. Yesterday added to the growth of 26%. In 2019 he created a pump of thousands of percent, is there something like that in 2020? Will the whale show up again?


Market overview 6.2. |  [BTC] Bitcoin BOOOM, added $ 500 [BCH] New high 2020 + 13.5% [UUU] + 26%


Thank you for taking the time to analyze and review the market today.


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