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Mastercard is preparing a network for digital currencies of central banks

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Mastercard. Source: Shutterstock, Primakov

Mastercard enters the world of cryptocurrencies with complete seriousness. The main goal is to prepare its own network for the digital currencies of central banks.

Mastercard and cryptocurrencies

CEO of the company Michael Miebach stated that the company is working to streamline investment in cryptocurrencies and is also working to prepare its own network for digital currencies of central banks.

“We cannot talk about profits without mentioning cryptocurrencies. We see significant volumes in terms of people who actually invest in cryptocurrencies and then sell them. We need to make it easier for consumers. “

The company has in the past collaborated with the Bakkt platform for cryptocurrencies. The main goal of this project was absolutely simplifying the acceptance of cryptocurrencies into the world of traders, banks and fintech companies.

Miebach sees the main point and probably the most likely way to use cryptocurrencies to create a central bank token.

“How will the government test it? How will the country find its way between private sector banks and governments? That is what our goal is. We can give governments and banks a safe place to see how it all works. If stablecoin is created for the private sector, so can we. However, we have strict principles. “

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