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McDonald’s releases its first NFT token and surprisingly in China!

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McDonald's publishes NFT
McDonald’s. Source: Shutterstock, 8th.creator

After a series of negative reports from China against cryptocurrencies, a report emerges that may surprise many of us. Disable cryptocurrencies yes, but NFT no? In any case, the world giant McDonald’s releases its first NFT token.

McDonald’s first NFT

This is very surprising news, as the Chinese attitude towards the blockchain itself is not exactly friendly. The news portal was the first to come up with this information 8BTC, which deals with news from the world of cryptocurrencies in China. So McDonald’s officially releases its first NFT token with an iconic name Big Mac Rubik’s Cube which means Big Mac Rubik’s Cube.

The company announced that this is the very first NFT token in the series that it will contain 188 NFT. The cube is made to best reflect the headquarters building on the west bank of Shanghai. The company thus gains the first place in the NFT world on the Chinese market. According to a statement from the CEO Zhanga Jiayina high technology is the clear path that McDonald’s will take.

“At this special moment, we use the form of the NFT to share with employees and consumers about the company’s innovation, digitization and trendy art.”

The global giant is one of the companies that has even started to accept BTC as currency. The company set out on this journey in El Salvador, where BTC is officially recognized as payment currency.

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