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Megawhale Joe007 is expecting another Bitcoin price fall

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Megawhale Joe007 is expecting another Bitcoin price fall

Cryptocurrency whale Joe007 again wrote on Twitter what he thinks about the current price of digital gold. And it was nothing flattering. Supervelryba thinks we’ll still go down. But is it worth trusting him? This is a question that bothers many investors.


Twitter revived another tweet from the well-known whale that managed to earn $ 20 million in hours at the turn of the year. The whale was personally congratulated by the CEO of Bitfinex, which regularly publishes statistics on its investors.


Joe was quiet most of the time during the global pandemic, and he probably tried to figure out what to expect next. However, for the first time, he has sent his report to the world on how he sees the future development of the digital asset.


Many Twitter commentators agreed that Bitcoin drew a “V-shaped bottom”. This is to indicate a rise in price. However, Joe is skeptical.


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