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Metaverse – basic principles

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Metaverse is a permanent virtual space in which people can interact with each other and with digital objects through their avatars using virtual reality technologies.

Interaction can take place using a variety of technology devices, both traditional PCs and virtual and augmented reality headsets.

7 basic principles of metaverse

  • Stability. No pause or restart – this is an immanent, endless world.
  • It must exist synchronously for everyone and in real time.
  • There is no limit to the number of users.
  • Metaverse must to have a fully functioning domestic economy. People can not only spend money in it, but also make money, start their own business, invest and sell.
  • Connecting real and virtual life. It is not so much a world separate from the real as it is an extension or addition.
  • Users must be provided with “unprecedented interoperability” of data. So if you bought clothes for your Fortnite avatar, you can use it in any other game or application.
  • Openness to all authors and content creators who can create their own “experiences” within the metaverse.

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