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Metaverse Farsite announces news for March 10th

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Farsite metaverse, which has been catching the attention of many players in the crypto-blockchain ecosystem, is about to announce a major update for March 10th.

According to the team that coordinates the game’s efforts, the Starting March 10th, all Farsite players will be able to exchange resources for $Credits in an open market which will be a new update to the game.

But to access the market and sell/buy the goods, players must first travel to the Homestead station.

Additionally, with the marketplace update, a new base teardown feature will be introduced to allow players to free up space in their sectors and recoup some of the resources they spent building one.

In the new Farsite marketplace, players will be able to browse the marketplace by resource type or search for specific resources.

Advanced filters for maximum price, minimum price, quantities and seller reputation will also be available.

However, the service will not be free and buyers will have to pay a fee for each transaction. The fee is 1% of the purchase price and is payable in $Credits, the game’s second tier currency. The first layer uses the FAR token. 1 FAR = 1000 $Credits .

Also according to the team, all purchased resources will be placed in the station’s storage. All transactions are final and cannot be reversed.


Markets, like everything else on Farsite, depend on location, each season symbolizes a market. In order for an item to be traded at a market, it must first be brought there on a ship.

The number of stations will increase over time. This is because participants will be able to build new stations to receive a share of each trade.

Now, with the update, players will be able to place buy and sell orders on most types of items at stations to highlight demand for certain items in certain places.

The marketplace will support unique NFTs such as Ships and Modules as well as countable tokens such as Components and Resources.

During Pre-Alpha, players can only buy and sell resources. However, the developers have already announced that the market will evolve. The idea is to allow players to order ships, modules and other unique items.

Additionally, external NFT markets such as OpenSea can be used to trade items. Within a short period of time, FAR Token will be listed on various centralized exchanges and liquidity pools will be available on decentralized exchanges.

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All content in this article is for informational purposes only and in no way serves as investment advice. Investing in cryptocurrencies, commodities and stocks is very risky and can lead to capital losses.

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