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Metaverse Riot Racers announces beta version

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Taking the first step towards a public beta, the Riot Racers metaverse has just opened a private beta for a small group of players.

As announced by the game’s developers, the Riot Racers team plans to progressively add more players, leading to the expected public beta launch on January 21, 2022.

So, after finalizing the sales of cars, track parts, gas stations and drivers, all essentials for the game, Riot Racers is finally ready to start its private beta.

So while only a few players will be able to participate initially, additional invites will be sent out in the coming weeks.

Therefore, according to the developers, teams and guilds will have priority to receive the invites, although open invites can also appear on Discord.

So the private beta is for testing purposes and will run at a different URL than the main app.

Therefore, players will be able to gain experience during the beta, but the community expects all progress from the private beta to be cleared once the public beta launches.

Riot Racers

To participate in a Riot Racers race, a car and driver are required. After selecting a race to enter, players see track details and race conditions.

So, with that information, they select a car and driver and then choose from several strategy options. This ranges from racing style to tires and engine tuning, there are a total of six options in all.

So while rarer cars and drivers have better stats, most race results are based on Race Strategy selections. THE

Thus, Race Strategy accounts for 51% of your results, with car selection accounting for 29% and driver selection the remaining 20%.

Therefore, this provides more opportunities for less expensive combinations for drivers/cars if the right strategy is used.

So in Riot Racers players earn RIOT by competing in races. Another way to earn in Riot Racers is to own a part of the game, for example a mechanic shop, gas station or a piece of the track.

The game offers 20 gas stations in total and only 7 tracks made up of 1400 pieces. Track owners receive a share of entry fees for each race at their tracks, while mechanics and gas stations earn tokens when players use their facilities to gas and repair their cars.

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