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Metaverse Synergy of Serra announces news after successful NFT sales

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After successfully selling the non-fungible tokens (NFTs) from their game the metaverse, Synergy of Serra has announced gameplay details for their collectible card game.

As stated by the developers, the game will be different from others on the market. That’s because it will be Deckbuilder style and not just Builder.

They explain that, in a Builder-type card game, players build their deck before the game starts like Gods Unchained, Dark Country, and Splinterlands.

DeckBuilder-type games, such as Synergy, involve building a deck on the fly, while the game is in progress. This allows players to modify and build their strategies better.

In Synergy of Serra, building decks during the game is an essential part of the game’s mechanics. Both players add cards to their deck from a shared pile as the game progresses.

As the two players share their cards, if one of them has rare cards, your opponent will also have access to those cards. This dynamic deck feature ensures a smooth playing field and that no game will be exactly the same.

Synergy of Serra

In the game, each player brings a pack of 100 cards to the game. As the game is free, there will be a basic set of cards that everyone can use.

According to the developers, each player starts with 10 cards. At the start of his turn, the active player draws cards until he has five in hand and then plays.

When the draw pile runs out, the discard pile is rearranged in the draw pile. This is where the dynamic construction of the deck begins.

During the game, there is a “River” consisting of six cards from the Shared Card Set. Two Unit cards, one Power, one Attachment and two other random cards.

Each card has a credit cost. During their turn, players can spend Credits to remove cards from the River and add them to their deck. Also, they can spend energy to redraw the River cards if they don’t like the available options.

Finally, players earn credits and energy steadily throughout the game. Credits also have an additional use as players can spend them on “Trash” cards by removing them from their Deck.

This can be useful as the game progresses to keep available the cards the player most wants.

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