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Michaël van de Poppe points out 3 ready-to-high altcoins

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Michaël van de Poppe, a popular cryptocurrency analyst, is sharing his forecast for 2022 after markets witnessed a sharp correction in recent weeks.

Michaël van de Poppe points

Van de Poppe said he has his eye on a trio of altcoins that have potential for big releases next year.

In addition, he said he is building his portfolio with assets he believes are undervalued, starting with the decentralized blockchain network Cosmos (ATOM).

“The first is the ATOM, which currently shows strength in price movement, but has seen some cycles that are important to watch. In this case, we had a nice run in early 2021. We had a severe correction which resulted in a beautiful retest”, he highlighted.

According to the analyst, what is in store for ATOM’s assessment is the 1,618 Fibonacci extension, as it plans a run to $60 and possibly to $100.

“Chances are that we will face a new run towards the 1,618 Fibonacci in the first run up. That could take us to US$ 60. But if we analyze the previous movement, the race could take us to US$ 67, or even to US$ 100”, he said.


The second cryptocurrency on the trader’s list is the Curve DAO Token (CRV). Van de Poppe cited the higher lows and higher highs as a reason to be excited about future altcoin price action.

“[CRV] is currently gearing up for a huge explosion given the fact that we’ve just witnessed a nice retest … after a big run. We are constantly making higher minimums and higher maximums. And this could bring us the result that we will have an acceleration in price discovery for Curve.”

Finally, the analyst said he is excited about SUSHI, the native token of DEX SushiSwap.

Van de Poppe noted that after seeing the price of SUSHI drop dramatically by 80%, he is interested in taking a stand.

“We are facing a beautiful SUSHI retest. I think by the time we get over that level, we’re in the $4.64 to $6.19 range. So $6.25 to $7 will be the real trigger. I think that if this breaks down to US$ 7.35, in fact, we will see a new expansion with regard to SUSHI”, he concluded.

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