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Microsoft patented a currency covered by human energy

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Microsoft patented a currency covered by human energy

Microsoft has patented the currency to be covered by human energy. According to the patent, it should take into account how complex human work is. The computer company certainly decided not to fall asleep on the wave of digital currencies.


A giant computer and software company has decided to patent a cryptocurrency that will use body heat and heart activity instead of electricity. It would be a unique project that lies in the stars, but nobody ever knows what direction technology will take.


This system could in future replace the proof-of-work, which is based on Bitcoin and still Ethereum. The patent states, inter alia:

“Physical activity and its data can be generated based on user activity. This crypto currency system will communicate with a device that will verify that the user is actually working. The activity will then be evaluated for compliance with the cryptocurrency system requirements. The user will then be evaluated for all the data they process. ”


Each of us must now think of a story from an apocalyptic future that has entered history as a Matrix. Is it really possible that in the future our bodies will use corporations for their profits?

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