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MINA boom back above $ 6, it has to do with the push of … Twitter!

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What’s happening to Mina Protocol, a project certainly not one of the best known until yesterday and which records a double-digit gain, in a day otherwise very greedy for satisfactions for the crypto sector?

Strange intersections with the appointment of a new crypto team from Twitter, with one of the Board Member from Mina which has become the leader of this team, but not only. 

Mina Booms – Does It Have To Do With What Happens From Twitter?

Probably yes, at least in part. Why yesterday Twitter announced the birth of its new cryptocurrency team. Because MINA is involved? Why the leader of the new team of Twitter it is actually part of the board that carries on the project. And therefore there could be some interesting evolutions also for this protocol, which has led many to invest in the perspective of possible future growth in terms of gain.

All this, however, also taking into account the validity of the underlying project, which even before this announcement had a lot to offer, even in operational terms. When we talk about MINA we refer to the first project in the world that aims at a small blockchain, so as to minimize the hardware requirements of who has to run the protocol.

How much is the entire protocol? To some kilobytes, while the ledger of BTC has already passed i 350 GB in size. MINA it therefore aims at lightness, scalability and the possibility for practically everyone to participate in the maintenance of its network.

What is interesting then is the focus of this protocol: it puts in fact to offer a network in the first place for the payments, while maintaining the security that we have already seen on protocols that are much more expensive in terms of the use of resources.

Technologically we could be there – with a edge important for the diffusion and decentralization of the protocol itself – even if the boom of the last few hours must be fundamentally traced back to what we reported at the beginning, or to the collaboration, albeit not direct, with Twitter.

Is it worth entering the market now?

We are talking about a relatively young protocol, which by mid-September had already approached the prices that are being recorded now. There is certainly a significant trading volume – + 2,000% compared to yesterday on the main ones exchange – and it is more than reasonable to expect some volatility for the next few hours and for the next few days.

Our first analysis, also thanks to the possibility that there is Twitter to at least partially support its future development, it is positive – and perhaps despite the significant prices already achieved, there could also be a good growth prospect in the medium and long term.

Definitely an interesting protocol, which also in terms of public relations could take the proverbial leap. We will continue to follow her – not just in conjunction with hers market boom.

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