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Nanoleaf now comes with even more shapes – triangles and mini triangles

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Nanoleaf now comes with even more shapes - triangles and mini triangles

Nanoleaf is continuing its trend of ever-expanding smart lighting with the addition of some new shapes to light up your home. 

The company has launched Nanoleaf Shapes – Triangles. These are the latest addition to a planned range of interoperable unified shapes that can be combined together to create wonderful lighting patterns around your home. 

The new triangles include two shapes to start with, triangles and mini triangles. These are the follow-up to the company’s previous release of Hexagons earlier this year. And yes, you can now combine hexagons and triangles to create something special. 

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The company claims that the Nanoleaf Shapes line will offer “limitless creation possibilities” and also boast 16 million colour combinations with clever, intuitive touch controls and awesome scheduling features. 

Another nifty feature that Nanoleaf Shapes owners can take advantage of is screen-mirroring. Meaning you can position the lights near your TV or in your gaming space and then use that functionality to mimic the colours on the screen complementing the experience. This adds a new level of immersion to your viewing or gaming and a dash of extra fun too. 

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Scenes and schedules mean you can also set the lights to change throughout the day, respond to touch, fill your room with colourful light and more. You can also adjust the lights with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple HomeKit – tweaking them or turning them on and off with just your voice. 

One highlight for us though is the new and improved mounting system, which means no more wall damage if you need to take the panels down and mount them elsewhere. The accompanying app is also being updated to make it more user-friendly and to offer a wider range of colours to play with too. 

Nanoleaf Shapes are available now, with prices starting from £119.99 for five panels. Find out more here.

More shapes are expected to appear throughout 2020 and 2021. 

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