March 6, 2021


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NBA Top Shot Daily NFT Sales Near $34 Million, Crushing 24-hour Sales Records

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NBA Top Shot non-fungible tokens continue to rake in massive sales after becoming the biggest collectible in the NFT market.

Dapper Labs’ NBA Top Shot continues its ascent in the NFT market. Last month, Top Shot surpassed CryptoKitties to become the best-selling digital collectible by volume.

NBA Top Shot Tops NFT Sales

The sales data from the last 24 hours is nothing short of mind-blowing. Over $33.6 million have been purchased in the past day according to NFT data aggregator Cryptoslam. In the same period, over 141,000 transactions were carried out. The massive difference between the number of transactions on Top Shot and other NFTs indicates its dominance in the NFT market.

Some milestone individual sales were achieved as well. Trader and enthusiast, Pranksy, purchased an NFT Top Shot account for $100,000 to commemorate Lebron James’ birthday:

NBA Top Shot reached a new milestone for the highest sales in a single day — $16 million on Feb. 20. The past 30 days saw a whooping $106 million in sales across all platforms offering it.

NBA Top Shot features the sales of what it refers to as “Moments.” Each Moment has a unique NFT attached to it, containing famous basketball clips and highlights.

User Purchases $1M Worth of CryptoPunks

The NFT hysteria keeps spreading like wildfire. Crypto gamers and digital collectors are sparing no expense to own unique collectibles. BiC had previously reported the soaring sales recorded by CryptoPunks. The platform which features the sale of unique collectible characters is up by over $13 million in monthly sales.

A single user even went as far as to purchase over $1 million worth of CryptoPunks. The unknown whale splurged over 557 ETH to acquire 34 unique collectible characters called Punks.

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