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Netflix launches NFTs game from the series Stranger Things, but users complain: “fraud”

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NFTs platform Candy Digital has launched a game inspired by the hit Netflix series “Stranger Things”. The game is the second inspired by the work and released in partnership with the streaming company.

In the game, players must solve puzzles to earn the NFTs of the series’ stars. In all, 11,111 NFTs were created with all five main characters.

However, the new game divided the opinions of fans of the series. Some of them liked the work, but some fans reported failures when playing. The main one is that the game “kicks” the person by removing their login, preventing the player from getting the NFTs.

Netflix dives in NFTs

In April, Netflix quietly promoted the NFT partnership with hidden messages in the Stranger Things season four trailer. The strategy of distributing NFTs was also used to promote the third season of the series Love, Death & Robots.

Although both series received NFTs, the strategy was different. While Love, Death & Robots gave the tokens in the episodes, the Stranger Things game delivers the items on its platform.

At first, the game’s marketing was successful. Last week, nearly 4,700 players won a free NFT poster of Eleven, played by actress Millie Bobbie Brown.

Netflix launches NFTs game from the series Stranger Things, but users complain: "fraud"

Finally, Candy Digital released a new level of the game on the official website. Players need to solve a riddle titled “I Am Hellmaster” (I am the lord of hell). Whoever solves the riddle and passes the round wins a poster of one of four characters: Mike, Jonathan Byers, Will or Argyle.

Users complain about Stranger Things gameplay

Fan reaction to the game’s new phase was mixed. On the one hand, many joined the game for fun and not to win the NFTs. Of these most reported enjoying the game.

On the other hand, those interested in winning the NFTs complained of problems. at least one fan reported have been repeatedly “kicked” from your account. That is, the game automatically disconnected the user’s account while he was trying to complete the challenge.

But the main backlash came when Netflix and Candy Digital released the game. Some fans completely rejected the idea of ​​associating the NFTs with the series.

“Do you think we care about NFTs?” One fan wrote it, along with a gif of a man shooting a gun.

Another “Stranger Things” fan wrote the NFT tech as a “Grift.” The term means “fraud” in English and is a pun on the word “gift”.

“I deeply love the weird stuff, but I am deeply disappointed that Netflix decided it would be a good idea to run an NFT scam on their fans. I won’t even come close to this garbage,” said the fan.

Others called the NFTs “bullshit”, responded with vomiting emojis and crying gifs, and even cursed at the company. Finally, they also made references to Love, Death & Robots and asked Netflix not to create more NFTs.

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