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New play-to-earn game Sidus NFT Heroes

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Currently, a large number of blockchain NFT games are being created, which offer players a play-to-earn model, which in practice means that they can make money by playing the game. One such game is Sidus NFT Heroes, which is inspired by Axie Infinity and has the same ambitions.

About the Sidus NFT Heroes

NFT Heroes is a collection of 6,000 unique NFT avatars created by NFT STARS in collaboration with more than 200 modern artists from an international team of artists known as NFT256. The NFT Heroes project is the largest collaboration in the field of NFT. The large number of creators who work on the collection ensures that each hero will be truly unique. The collection contains a total of 4,500 basic NFT heroes, 1,000 Rare heroes and 500 Legendary heroes. Only original heroes can be purchased, each for 0.055 ETH. Rare and legendary heroes are created by upgrading cards using Galaxy Modificator, an upgrade mechanism powered by VRF features.

There are 12 different planets in the game and the character and appearance of each hero is influenced by the planet they come from. The planets are inspired by real cryptocurrencies. Each character has 11 unique features – backpack, goggles, helmet, etc. Users can further equip their heroes with armor and ammunition at the Galaxy Marketplace, where they can get items inspired by a hundred of the best crypto projects. NFT Heroes is a 100% crypto-friendly project that gives its users the opportunity to endow their hero with features that are characteristic of their favorite crypto projects.

Passive income

By purchasing such a hero, the user guarantees a continuous passive income. Sidus distributes 50% of the fees collected from all sales on the secondary market back to users. The only condition he must meet in order to receive these rewards is to keep at least $ 200 in his wallet of  NTFS or MILK2 token. For a better understanding – for each sale of NFT on OpenSea, the developers of this project pay a share of 10%, then divides half of this share back to players who meet these conditions.

The game will use the NTFS token. Before the game is launched, the team will release several other features that will offer NFT hero holders many earning opportunities. Sidus will enable Galaxy Staking – players will be able to lock their NFTs and earn rewards in the NTFS token. Depending on the rarity of NFT heroes – original, rare or legendary – players will be rewarded differently. Tokens obtained from staking will be able to be used at the Galaxy Marketplace to purchase new generation weapons and armor. Players will be able to combine pleasant with useful – have fun playing the game and at the same time earn. PVP duels, campaigns and planetary wars will also be available in the game. All this will be available right after the launch of the game, which will come soon.

Great interest

The interest in these NFT heroes is huge. In the first round of sales, when 2,000 heroes were available, the entire website fell through. Although the developers anticipated a possible onslaught, they did not expect such interest. According to their information, at the time of the launch of the sale on the website, there were up to 10,000 people who wanted to buy these NFT heroes. The onslaught has also driven transaction fees on the ETH network to hundreds of dollars.

The next round of hero sales is from September 10. If you do not want to wait for the sale, you can visit the market directly OpenSea, where you can buy any of the NFT heroes. Prices range from 0.05 to 0.2 ETH.

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