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New record of BAT

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It is a great time to BAT – Basic Attention Token – the token that is tied to the browser Brave, dedicated to privacy and a new way of conceiving the remuneration of content creators.

After the agreement with Solana, which we talked about a few days ago on the pages of our site, also comes a new one record by number of active campaigns on the network, campaigns at the center of which, as a payment and transaction method, there is precisely BAT.

Record of active campaigns on Brave: that’s why it’s good news for the world of BAT

Basic Attention Token it’s not exactly one news on the market – has been operating for several years and is associated with a browser which, despite the excessive power of Google in the industry – both browsers and advertisements.

We are far, both by capitalization and by diffusion, from the glories of BTC, but also from those of the protocols of decentralized finance, but nevertheless, at least in our opinion, in an extremely interesting field of the possible uses of the blockchain and also of cryptocurrencies.

Brave in fact it also manages advertising campaigns with focus privacy, which otherwise operate very similar to that of Google Ads and its network. We are light years away from the volumes moved by Big G, but the interesting data that we report today concerns the growth – and the reaching an all-time high by these campaigns.

5,000 it may seem a minor matter, but it is a fact that must be read in the context of an important return of interest from users and investors. Only a few days ago support was also announced for Decentralized apps ecosystem of Solana, also a sign of a very important one backfire for the group it manages $ BAT.

Privacy will become more and more relevant – and Brave $ BAT is reaping the benefits

The theme of the privacy it is also starting to gain traction among the general public – e Brave will find itself, when this issue is among the most important in the data economy, in an advantageous position compared to new entry.

A trend that, at least in our opinion, is already underway – signaled precisely by the growth of active campaigns on this circuit. Which despite not having the economic possibilities (yet) of Google and of Facebook, is building on the medium and long term.

Basic Attention Token it will also follow the trajectory of the fortunes of the underlying project. A fortune that begins to take shape with this new one all-time high, which won’t be about the protocol’s market cap yet, but that’s a very good sign nonetheless.

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