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New York City: all about BTC

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Eventually, New York City got it right Eric Adams, who already in the election campaign said he was ready to transform the city into a hub dedicated to BTC. Something that the newspapers, although quite late, have now taken up in conjunction with the election.

The important news, however, is not this – given that BTC can do very well even without the political support of a mayor – but the idea of ​​equipping one of the most important cities in the world with its own cryptocurrency, as has already happened in You love me with MiamiCoin.

Not only $ BTC therefore, which has now become a matter of open discussion in American politics – but also local tokens for the city itself, which as we will see can also be used to pay local taxes.

New York Coin: what it will be and how it will work

You love me has accumulated in recent months an important advantage over other American cities – and we can say over other cities in the world – as regards the opening to the world of BTC and cryptocurrencies.

In fact, it has its own cryptocurrency – MiamiCoin – which can already be used for public services pilot and that in the future could become crucial as regards the use of certain services. The token can also be used for the payment of local taxes.

As reported by Forbes, also the newly elected mayor of New York would like to follow this path, going to create – as reported during an interview for Bloomberg – a cryptocurrency of the city. Thus, it would become the second largest city to accept cryptocurrencies for local tax payments.

An attempt to re-establish parity with You love me, which however appears to be far ahead of the Big Apple – also thanks to a mayor, Suarez, who decided to get his salary paid directly in $ BTC and that among other things he would have proposed to several mining companies to move to You love me, taking advantage of extremely low electricity prices.

Unequal struggle, with Adams’ party that …

The fight would seem to be at least for the moment decidedly uneven, given that Eric Adams however it comes from Democratic party from New York, who has already expressed himself several times in tones that are not exactly edifying towards the world of cryptocurrencies – also fearing ban for the activities of mining.

Given the importance of the city, the operation for the creation of its own cryptocurrency could be more successful, even if it were not to continue with a greater opening to BTC in parallel.

America, politicians and BTC: it’s a mania

In reality Eric Adams he is not the only prominent US politician who has shown some openness to BTC. In addition to the wing libertarian of the Republican Party we also have Ted Cruz – always at high altitude Rep – which only a few days started discussions to force Washington DC shopkeepers to accept BTC – that so, de facto, it would become legal tender currency, albeit in a very limited context.

The path to BTC acceptance is getting more and more interesting – and so are the States, which officially are still quite uncertain about the phenomenon (just think of the alternating speed moves of SEC) – are now ready to board the train.

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