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New York is the most attractive state for BTC miners

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A recent survey by financial and consulting company Foundry USA found that almost 20% of the BTC hash rate comes from New York. With a cooler climate and renewable energy, New York State is the best choice among cryptocurrency miners.

New York and Texas

Foundry USA, a financial and consulting company focused on decentralization and cryptocurrency mining, recently conducted a survey to find out which US states prefer BTC miners as a place to try.

Foundry states that this research is the first of its kind, but does not include all US-based mining farms in its database. The survey shows that most of the countries at the top of the statistics are known as the epicenter of renewable energy.

With its 20% hash rate, New York produces much of its electricity from hydropower. It also has a relatively cold climate, so it’s no wonder it attracted so much attention. Nic Carter, co-founder of Castle Island Ventures, said:

“BTC mining in New York State is so low in CO2 that banning it would actually be more harmful to the environment. If New York banned bitcoins, it would probably increase the overall carbon intensity of the BTC network. He would be a complete abbot of what they wanted. “

New York is the most attractive state for BTC miners
source: CNBC

Although Texas has placed several positions behind New York, according to several experts, it soon deserves the highest position. Texas is an attractive place for its crypto-friendly policies, high BTC adoption, low energy prices and wind-powered electricity.


Thanks to the ban on cryptocurrencies in China, the United States has become a leading nation in BTC mining. Some politicians openly invite cryptocurrency miners to their states. You can read the full report of the CNBC news portal about BTC mining in New York and Texas under the attached link HERE.

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