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NFT digital owls Moonbirds go on sale – will they overcome the legendary monkeys?

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The NFT is slowly but surely becoming a very interesting market segment, which can offer traders many opportunities. One of the most famous unique tokens, which with its popularity perhaps exceeded the expectations of its authors, were digital monkeys, which were presented in the NFT collection Bored Yacht Club. Now, however, another painted animal is coming on the scene, whose popularity is growing dramatically. Do digital owls have to humble the legendary monkeys?

NFT owls

The latest collection of digital pixel owls is already, at the beginning of its journey, one of the most successful a collection of unique tokens such as Azuki, Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks. Edition of digital owls called MoonBirds, contains 10,000 unique tokens whose sales have already exceeded $ 281 million. That wouldn’t be so interesting in the NFT world, but owls have reached that number just one week since its release. The main share in the sales of this edition had members of the so-called Proof Collective which is a group of 1000 collectors, from the ranks of celebrities or artists.

Moonbirds token holders may receive special enhancements and other benefits in the future.

However, the sale of these tokens did not go unnoticed. According to some participants, the sales software interfered with the auction, which deliberately increased the price of individual tokens. The most expensive digital owl sold for 2.5 ether, or about $ 7,500. The sale of Moonbirds is unique for another reason and the fact that the authors of this auction do not hide the fact that they want to use the money to further their business. For example, the auctions of the Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks collections took place both for the sale of works of art and Moonbirds sales are purely profit-oriented. This fact can be a very turning point for the entire NFT market, because the original art industry is certainly becoming a trading instrument.

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