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NFTs are not just pictures – This new technical NFT project is getting a lot of attention and the price is rising

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NFTs have become very popular this year. Thanks to the right purchases, the lucky ones managed to earn thousands of percent in a few days, which of course attracted more speculators. However, NFTs are not just images. Today we will present a new project that gives the term NFT a completely new meaning.

Revest Finance

Revest Finance proposes a new protocol for packaging, transferring and storing classic ERC-20 tokens as NFT financial instruments using the ERC-1155 NFT standard for easy access and business versatility. Thanks to the new product of this company, these assets can be traded without affecting their value and price, which leads to a new meta-layer of trade.

The development team of this project is not anonymous. They are relatively well-known personalities with rich experience. The CEO of Revest himself also regularly shoots videos explaining the details of the project.

NFTs are not just pictures - This new technical NFT project is getting a lot of attention and the price is rising


Revest Finance is proposing the Revest Protocol and its main tool, the Financial Non-Fungible Token (FNFT), to solve current problems and build a stronger economy in the Defi area. The FNFT token, which complies with the ERC-1155 standard, is a kind of box in which classic ERC20 tokens can be stored. All FNFTs will be inherently compatible with existing NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea. Classic tokens can be locked into these “NFT boxes” under various conditions, which we will now imagine.

Time locks – locks that are unlocked after a certain time, so it will be possible to withdraw funds only after this period. It’s the easiest way.

Value locks – locks that are unlocked when the value of the underlying asset rises above or falls below the prescribed value that was set when the FNFT was created

Address locks – locks that are unlocked at a specific address specified when creating an FNFT.

Combining these locks in creative configurations will create extensive solutions to many common problems in the Defi sector. By allowing the creation of arbitrary third-party locks and the designation of arbitrary third-party endpoints to which the underlying FNFT assets can pass after shipment, Revest Protocol offers the first self-service platform for non-fungible derivatives in the Defi ecosystem.

For developers, the Revest protocol used can offer critical solutions for various private sales, liquidity tokens and team tokens that can be transferred confidentially without affecting their market value. For casual investors, the Revest protocol will create an extensive set of applications, from endowment funds to inheritance tools.

For clarity, FNFT displays an interactive GUI on all sites that support interactive NFT, such as OpenSea. This GUI is shown in the figure below. Holders can now check the details of the content of the FNFT at a glance.

NFTs are not just pictures - This new technical NFT project is getting a lot of attention and the price is rising

You can create your own FNFT at App.Revest.Finance. See the video below for details

RVST Token

The total number of Revest tokens (RVST) is set at 100,000,000. Private and public sales represent 52% of the total offer of RVST tokens. 10% of the total RVST offer will be allocated to the team in the short term, while another 10% will be locked in the long term. 15% will be allocated for marketing and staking and the remaining 13% of RVST tokens were provided as liquidity on Uniswap immediately after the end of the public sale. LP tokens will be locked in the FNFT for at least two years.

Advance sale and current price

The RVST sale process consisted of an initial round, which took place on June 30, 2021, and later a public sale, which took place 3 days beginning on September 21. 2021. The introductory round was for invited investors only and the public reservation was open to all members of the project community. During the private sale to selected companies, they managed to raise $ 2.1 million. The public pre-sale exceeded even the most optimistic expectations. In just three days, they managed to collect almost 1,700 ETH, without any marketing or other campaigns.

The popularity of this project is growing every day, and they are about to announce a big partnership soon. The average price for a purchase during a public sale was $ 0.14 per RVST. Currently, after 24 hours, the price is moving around 0.31 to 0.32 USD on the new ATH. The current market capitalization is only $ 15 million, which is still a stage where we can talk about valuing hundreds to thousands of percent in a few weeks. However, everything will depend on the development of the project itself and the market situation.

You can follow the current price directly via this link.


NFTs aren’t just pictures, there’s a huge potential that Revest has begun to uncover and has brought something that hasn’t been here before. However, dozens, maybe hundreds of new projects are created every day and finding the right one is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Always do your research and also find out more about specific projects. Only then decide if you are investing. New projects are high-risk, and with a huge wealth, a fall to zero can come.

When buying an RVST token, pay attention to the correct contract address! Many fraudulent coins are created. That right has the contract address 0x120a3879da835a5af037bb2d1456bebd6b54d4ba and anything else is a scam. RVST cannot be bought anywhere other than Uniswap.

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All content in this article is for informational purposes only and in no way serves as investment advice. Investing in cryptocurrencies, commodities and stocks is very risky and can lead to capital losses.

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