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NVIDIA launches new tools for content creation in the Metaverse

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NVIDIA has unveiled its new toolset focused on creating content in the Metaverse, as announced by official blog from the company. These new tools promise to improve the ability to develop digital items, as well as bring more graphic reality.

During SIGGRAPH, the largest global meeting of computer graphics, the company decided to bet on increasing immersion. That is, allowing consumers to access real-world resources more easily and realistically.

In this sense, NVIDIA updates promise a greater degree of interaction with other participants through high-end features and avatars.

With the launches, the company renews its bet on Metaverso, but aimed at a different target audience. Rather than releasing collections or NFTs, NVIDIA intends to develop the right tools to win over the creators of these technologies as its customers.

Live layers and new avatars

According to NVIDIA, the new Omniverse tools are aimed at anyone interested in developing digital applications. Those who already use the Omniverse Kit applications, along with applications like Nucleus, Audio2Face and Machinima, will have access to the new features.

With the new range of tools, the company says creators will be able to develop more realistic avatars and “digital twins”. That is, digital assets that are equal to each other.

Within the new update package are three programs seen as major. First up is Omniverse’s Avatar Cloud Engine (ACE), which focuses on cloud technology. Through ACE, creators will be able to develop avatars that work as virtual assistants, practically a digital simulation of the human being.

Next comes Audio2Face, an application focused on building faces and emotions for avatars. The app brings improvements that allow you to choose emotions in degrees over time. In this way, the creator is able to develop a face with expressions whose dynamics resemble that of the human face.

Finally, Nvidia PhysX is an “advanced real-time engine to simulate realistic physics”. This means developers can include realistic reactions to metaverse interactions that obey the laws of physics. For example, injuries from a car accident or their actual impacts on the avatar.

NVIDIA in the Metaverse

Technology created by NVIDIA gives creators a greater degree of autonomy and options to develop realistic avatars. That is, it brings the metaverse closer to becoming more believable and closer to the reality of the physical world.

According to the company, the trend is that more users will look to create digital versions of themselves. NVIDIA estimates that Metaverse applications could generate up to BRL 250 billion in the next four years, attracting great demand for this market.

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