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Omniverse is the key to the “metauniverse infrastructure”, says Nvidia founder Huang Renxun

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Giant Nvidia released its financial report for the third quarter of 2021, which ended on October 31.

For the period, the company’s total revenue was $7.1 billion, an increase of 9% over the previous quarter. Net income was $2.46 billion, an increase of $1.336 billion over the same period last year.

In addition, Nvidia has also announced some metaverse-related measures. This includes the Omniverse cloud universe platform set, which is considered “Meta Universe Infrastructure”.

This platform product was put online in public beta in December of last year. It is now being officially released.

In practice, it can be used to create digital avatars, virtual world images, etc. It also includes natural language interaction, deep learning, artificial intelligence and other diversified technologies.

“Omniverse allows us to create these incredible digital simulations of the world. On Omniverse, everything is done in real time. It’s an incredible miracle. When you drop a ball, it falls to the ground and bounces, whether it’s a metal or rubber ball, because of the physics engine, it will present the most realistic situation,” said Nvidia CEO Huang Renxun.


Renxun also highlighted that the company’s Omniverse allows digital simulations of the world, as if it were a Matrix.

According to him, software is the way we look at the world, the strategy we execute and the culture that will shape human interactions.

“This is where the deep meaning lies. Computer science is changing algorithms, and now algorithms are changing computer science.”

Also according to him, the Earth itself is not the only way we see ourselves. Rather, it has millions of existing forms and millions of alternate universes.

“Humans will build a few, but the AI ​​will build more. Some of the Omniverse worlds will become models of our own world, meaning digital twins. Some people will not be role models like ours. All of these worlds will be supported and processed ​​by an AI computing system,” he said.

The first metaverse software dedicated to the Omniverse world that Nvidia will build is Earth-2 (Earth-2), which will be a supercomputer whose main purpose is to simulate the weather.

“You can imagine that several Omniverse engines are simulating several alternate universes. And that’s why it’s so interesting and exciting,” he said.

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