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OnlyFans on blockchain? It’s a great opportunity, says Dfinity founder

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Decentralized blockchains provide opportunities for policy makers who have problems with censorship in traditional centralized solutions. A recent example is the OnlyFans project, which had existential problems after they decided to end the banking institution’s cooperation with it.

OnlyFans is a popular platform for paid content creators. Thanks to this, it quickly became a mecca, especially for creators of erotic material, which directly began to compete with the entire pornographic industry. Due to the platform’s predominantly “ticklish nature” of content, it also displeased banking institutions, which were pushed to record endings with OnlyFans, to which OnlyFans creators responded by temporarily removing the ability to upload erotic content to avoid the very existence. In the meantime, these problems seem to have (apparently only temporarily) been resolved and the erotic content of OnlyFans has remained. However, the whole case provoked a heated discussion about censorship on the Internet.

Dfinity founder sees the solution of censorship in the decentralized Web 3.0

In addition to banks, OnlyFans or other similar projects that “lie in someone’s stomach” may have been censored by traditional IT services, such as cloud services or data centers run by giants such as Amazon Web Services. This was suggested by Dfinity founder Dominic Williams.

Williams therefore sees the future of the Internet in the use of decentralized Web 3.0 platforms such as Internet Computer (ICP). Its goal is to replace centralized data services from Amazon or Google with a decentralized solution, for which it will be impossible to purposefully censor content.

“One of the key ways in which blockchains can add value is to run intelligent, unstoppable contract code, and provide a way to build systems that are more resilient to third-party censorship.”

Williams therefore called on the creators of OnlyFans-like projects to build their decentralized versions on the Internet Computer (ICP) blockchain. Dfinity has set aside a $ 250 million grant program. It is designed to support the funding of 80 different projects.

According to his information, more than 500 developers are currently building on the Internet Computer (ICP). For example, the Open Chat service, which already has tens of thousands of users, is becoming popular.

He expects to cooperate with ETH

Williams does not think the ICP will be an “ETH killer.” He considers the scenario of direct integration with ETH to be much more likely, so that developers and users of the ETH blockchain can take advantage of the benefits that Internet Computer brings to Web 3.0. “ETH did not make BTC obsolete. For similar reasons, it is unlikely that the ICP would make ETH obsolete. However, this cannot be said of the so-called “ETH-killers”, because their contribution to innovation and authenticity lacks substance. ” he added.

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