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OpenSea confirms April release of support for Solana’s NFTs

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After months of speculation and leaks, OpenSea has finally confirmed that it will add support for NFTs built on the Solana (SOL) blockchain. At the same time, the platform also confirmed that support will roll out until the month of April.

Through a video posted on Twitter, OpenSea released the release information in jest. The video brings several comments asking for SOL’s NFTs on the platform, or speculating their releases.

“Web3’s best kept secret,” OpenSea said jokingly.

The teaser features a series of tweets and confirms the release of the NFTs in April, but does not confirm a specific date.

$1.5 billion ecosystem

With around US$ 1.5 billion in market value, SOL has become a major player in the NFTs market. Its network is the second largest ecosystem of its kind, behind only ETH (ETH).

SOL still doesn’t have memorable collections like Bored Ape or Crypto Punks. However, its network grew significantly from October onwards, with the launch of several collections. The most famous are Solana Monkey Business, Degenerate Ape Academy and Aurory.

In fact, OpenSea’s teaser video showcases these three collections of NFTs, as well as other NFTs created at SOL. It also features user messages and even tweets that divulged leaked information.

The Solana Monkey Business collection profile joined in the fun and retweeted the video. “We are sending monkeys to sail!” the team said. Meanwhile, Portals, Solana’s Metaverse platform, has also jumped on the bandwagon. “can’t wait for Portals to be listed on OpenSea”.

To attract more artists, SOL also bets on the competitive advantages of its network. The biggest example is faster, cheaper and more efficient transactions than ETH.

Did everyone already know?

Despite the initial confirmation, the integration of SOL NFTs in OpenSea was already speculated since January, when the first leaks occurred.

Who gave the first information was hacker and blogger Jane Wong, who also anticipated the acceptance of Ether (ETH) as a means of payment by Twitter. the hacker discovered mentions of Solana and the popular Phantom wallet in parts of the OpenSea website.

Just this week, it uncovered evidence that suggested the Solana launch was close, including a “Solana Beta” logo, as well as support for the Solflare wallet. So, OpenSea’s announcement in jest did justice to the fact that this is no longer a surprise.

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