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Outer Ring is a player-oriented Sci-Fi MMORPG and metaverse that provides investors with access to early games

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The Outer Ring aims to change the narrative of blockchain games, emphasizing the player economy, experience and aspects of the Metaverse. The game will constantly evolve, providing a unique experience for the player, full of surprises and twists. In addition, investors can benefit from the various funding milestones the team has established.

Outer ring is a sci-fi MMORPG in development that features a long tradition and a token-based economy system. Players can choose from five races and three factions to control the galaxy and its resources in this deep space MMO. As players drive the economy in this game, the experience changes constantly. In addition, the Outer Ring features a long-term technical roadmap, giving developers the option to insert new surprises along the way.

The Outer Ring adopts the play to win concept to unite the real economy with this exciting Universe. Also, parts of the game – concerts, events and various mini-games – will be played in virtual reality, but can be accessed with or without VR glasses. These aspects enhance the overall experience and bring the details and environments of the Outer Ringo to life like never before.

Outer Ring’s core gameplay combines the old-school systems found in Ultimate Online and Meridian 59 with newer concepts such as blockchain technology and NFTs. For the team, the future of MMOs is to create all kinds of players who have an interest in the real economy and blockchain-based features of the Outer Ring. Furthermore, the game has three main pillars: broad knowledge, skill-based action and a high social load.

Players interested in testing the outer ring they can become investors in the project to access a private building in the sponsors’ zone on the website. Windex Technologies – a technology company that establishes Manic Panda Games as its video game division – has invested €1.5 million in Outer Ring. Along with Nexxyo Labs, the team seeks equity partners to fund the future development of this “play to win” science fiction game.

Investors will receive 40% of the profit generated by the activities. Ultimately, Windex Technologies intends to raise €6,000,000 in the private equity round, which will be used for continued development, team expansion, resource acquisition, establishment of secondary platforms to support the game – including market and foreign exchange decentralized – and much more.

Interested parties can invest in the first round via fiat currencies or crypto assets after going through a Know Your Customer (KYC) verification procedure and signing a contractual agreement. All profit distributions are subject to quarterly audits to validate the numbers, and the results will be published on the website.

A second round of investment will grant access to the Galactic Quadrants (GQ) asset, which is the governance token of the outer ring. The team will sell tokens for US$0.05 to raise up to €5,000,000.

Players and investors will enjoy a unique experience in the Outer Ring universe. This experience is made possible by several project partners, including DEXTools, AVStar Capital, DreamBoat Capital, PlayTheGame Agency, Leit Motiv, JobAndPlay, Str3dium, Ethichub, Sierra Blockgames and others. Together, these partners will help Windex Technologies and Nexxyo Labs bring this sci-fi MMO to the masses and introduce more players to the concept of blockchain gaming and play to win.

About Outer Ring

Outer ring is an MMORPG game set in a universe of science fiction and fantasy based on the economic concept of play to win, currently under development by Windex Technologies in partnership with Nexxyo Labs, using its ManiacPanda Games brand. It represents a unique investment opportunity in a growing industry, with a company experienced in project development.

The video game business model is FREEMIUM, with EARLY ACCESS for all participants in the different phases of private and public sale of the project. The game’s economic system is based on the so-called PLAY-TO-WIN ECONOMY + PLAYER GENERATION, with the possibility of making purchases in and out of the game through a DEX integrated into the game’s website or through player interaction.

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