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Paris Hilton and the creator of Cardano have invested in reviving mammoths

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Paris Hilton and Charles Hoskinson, founder of the Cardano cryptocurrency project, have invested in Colossal, a startup that seeks to resurrect the mammoth.

Colossal was founded in 2021 by George Church, a professor at Harvard Medical School. The company’s employees want to create a mammoth empire using DNA fragments preserved in fossils. Experts are convinced that by 2027 they will be able to revive the huge mammals that extinct about 12,000 years ago.

George Church

During the crowdfunding campaign, Colossal raised $ 60 million. In addition to Paris Hilton and Hoskinson, Legendour Entertainment Entertainment CEO Thomas Tull, several entrepreneurs and public organizations, also took part in the fundraising round.

Charles did not disclose the exact amount he invested in the startup. However, Hoskinson noted that Cardano blockchain will help Colossal employees achieve their goals. It is mainly scientists who have registered intellectual property rights in a decentralized network.

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