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Pegasus spy software monitored journalists who criticized Bukele’s BTC plan

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Information surfaced, that the President of El Salvador Nayib Bukele left through Pegasus spy software to follow journalists who criticized him for his plans with BTC.

Pegasus spy software

The report came from Canadian researchers who discovered this powerful software on their phones 22 journalists from El Faro. It is an important medium in El Salvador, which has been heavily involved in criticizing President Bukele for his plans with the BTC.

After President Bukele over the past year adopted BTC as the official currency, journalists from the daily El Faro expressed their concern that the president would prefer BTC to the needs of the people of El Salvador. The daily El Faro often published publications that were supposed to question the president or even stop him in his plans. One such publication was information on how Bukele plans to build geothermally powered BTC mining facilities near water-scarce sites.

The spy software allowed Bukele to monitor continuously for 17 months. In total, up to 35 people were attacked in this way, according to information.

In any case, research has shown that this method of massive surveillance is not foreign to President Salvador Bukele. Of course, the government immediately appealed the report. The President’s Communications Office has denied any use of Pegasus software.

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