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People addicted to cryptocurrency trading – symptoms and treatment at Castle Craig Clinic

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Can cryptocurrency trading be addictive? Yes, and therefore there is a facility where people can undergo some kind of detoxification, similar to alcohol and drugs. His name is Castle Craig and he also specializes in people who are addicted to BTC.

Castle Craig Clinic

Castle Craig is a rehabilitation clinic founded in 1988 in Scotland. It has grown over the years and is present today not only near Edinburgh, but also in London, Sweden, Ireland and the Netherlands.

It focuses on the treatment of drug and alcohol addictions, but people with gambling addictions, depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship disorders or eating disorders have also found refuge here.

The clinic is also famous for treating people addicted to cryptocurrency trafficking.

How to recognize addiction to cryptocurrency trading

According to Castle Craig, addiction to trafficking should be considered a type of Ludopathy. In principle, they are dependent on the cryptocurrency trade, just as gamblers claim.

Symptoms of recognizing addiction to cryptocurrency trading are:

  • muscle tension;
  • anxiety;
  • constant monitoring of prices, even at night,
  • Constantly thinking about cryptocurrencies, even if you do other things.

According to Castle Craig experts, many traders get sick because they think they are investing, but they are actually betting. This is due to the characteristics of the market: thousands of cryptocurrencies in which it is possible to invest (or bet, depending on the perspective), in a 24-hour trading environment with high volatility, which throws the trader into a whirlwind of speculation.

Technology also helps: just keep your smartphone ready. Social media also play a role, specialized channels on various platforms and investment advice are provided by Telegram or WhatsApp groups.

In addition, the web is full of stories of people who have done it and got rich on cryptocurrencies, and it brings a desire to imitate it.

Castle Craig uses special questionnaires and specialist help to identify BTC addiction. It is up to them to find out if the patient has become ill from a normal trader.

Some clues help: sick traders experience their activities as an escape from reality and stress and feel satisfied with their victories for a moment.

People addicted to cryptocurrency trading

According to research conducted by Daniel Craig, addicts trading in cryptocurrencies usually control the price of cryptocurrencies because they fear FOMO, Fear of Missing Out, fears of losing the best time to make the right buy (or sell).

As with Ludopathy, people with disabilities change their behavior, which becomes destructive to their families and their money.

It is something that affects 9 out of 1,000 people. More men than women are affected and most of them are young people.

Treatment at Castle Craig Clinic

As already mentioned, Castle Craig Clinic treats cryptocurrency trading addiction as well as gambling addiction.

One of the treatment methods is called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). It is a one-hour course in which the therapist forces the patient to focus on their way of thinking about trading and how to behave. Therapy also includes the use of a diary. Group sessions are also available.

Home treatment

But before you resort to rehabilitation, there are a few simple tips that can be put into practice to heal yourself.. Here are a few:

  • reduce the time spent with cryptocurrencies;
  • shorten trading hours;
  • don’t consider trading to be the main way to make money;
  • engage in other activities.
  • Take care of yourself

Therapist Tony Marini explains that an addict gets into a crisis by constantly checking prices and platforms because he has to quickly decide how much to invest, whether to sell, where to do it.

“It takes your life, you’re constantly obsessed. You start to neglect yourself, neglect family, friends, other activities, neglect the joy of life, because you are just focused, obsessed. And the urge to search and find out every five minutes, ten minutes, half an hour. It becomes a completely new addiction. You need to go to the root of the problem. One thing is behavior. You have to give it some rules and boundaries to stop it. Let’s start researching what leads you to this? What are you trying to gain from this, what are you avoiding? Then you go to the heart of the matter. “

People who reach this level must be treated and willing to do it, both for others and for themselves.

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All content in this article is for informational purposes only and in no way serves as investment advice. Investing in cryptocurrencies, commodities and stocks is very risky and can lead to capital losses.

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